Update Version 28

Thank you all for joining Sinless Perfect World, I didn't expected so many of you to be honest!

- The starter gear remains permanently so guides will be updated asap.
- New promotion: All donations above 29 euro gets 50% more Ruby's until 8th, March, 2021.
- Mystic and Psychic got new pill "PanGu's Feather" to last longer in PVP you can find this in Sinless Emissary.
- Guild Icons Updated.
- Added 2000 damage on Dustblades rings.
- Added 1000 damage on Cleric rings.
- Doubled the damage on Psychic rings.
- The Seven Deadly Sins NPC now awards 250 Purge Stones for 50 Soul (1000 purge stones / day)
- Top PVP Reset!
- Increased Sinless Treasure Purge Stones rewards by 10x.
- PanGu's Madness Reward now values 100 Purge Stones.
- Dragon Slayer Mark now values 100 Purge Stones.
- Mother of 2 Bag now can be exchanged for 100 Purge Stones.
- Cursed Labyrinth now award 500 Purge Stones.
- We finally added the defense gear sadly because of this is defense propose it wont have any reforge so what you get is what you keep.
- We have a new site feature Wheel of Fortune please visit https://www.sinlesspw.com/Wheel-of-Fortune! The more pepole play it the bigger the reward gets.

The Sinless Perfect World Team