New Events and new event rewards

Hello all :-)

Trade Tag Event:When a you enter the game, you have a chance of 50% to get the TAG.
If you are tagged a system will announce the other players you are IT and the first player that finds you and initiate a trade will get x50 Purge Stones. This event has a 15 minute cooldown.

Trivia Rewards:
Added Purge Stones.
Added Gem Pack.

Nightscream treasure chest:
Added Purge Stones.

Custom Donation Titles:
The title cost 5 euro each and the title is only cosmetics.
To get a title please send 5 euro to [email protected] via paypal friends and family if possible (to avoid paypal fees)
with the following memo/note "Your Character Name" and "I want to make it look like "Aviator" Title" Or just say a color. or even better you can pick the color here: and just send the color code that starts with # for example #ff0000 (red)

Side Note:
@everyone I am recruiting Event Makers: If you like to help people and want to help me build a community and have a good server to play on, then you are the right person to do this! We do not want you here 27/7 but when you are on, even if is just one event once at 2 days that will do us the community a BIG favour.
You wont have any special rights in-game, no muting or ban and no spawning monsters...
I want you do to Hide and Seek, Fashion event, Best Homestead Events, Trivia even and all kinds of events that dose not require brute force! we have enough of that in our life every F day!
I know it's not much but i will give you 50 Euro worth in Rubys(site currency) at 1st of every month.
If you accept please let me know in DM!
Thank you! And more power to this server