Update Version 26 - [promotion]

Hello old players and hello and welcome new players!

We just want to bring up to all of you, that we are striving to bring more players to this server and that this patch is all about giving a chance to new players and giving something to do to old players.

This are the changes we did:

- New promotion until 28-FEB-2021:
      All characters will get the following items for free once they are level 150:
      2x Rings
      (Basically everyone gets a free set)
      If you bring your friends we might keep it permanently.

- Revised the prices on website
- New tiles that give 250 each :
      Heaven Conqueror
      The Punisher

   How to get:
      Buy the keys from Sinless Emissary.

- Added new Soulgems
      HP Level 1 = 1500 HP
      HP Level 2 = 2500 HP
      HP Level 3 = 3500 HP
      Sin Stone  = 100 Spirit

How to get:
There is a pack with this probability:
      HP Level 1 (0.01%)
      Supremacy Stone (8.59%)
      Paladin Stone (8.30%)
      Channel -6% (8.30%)
      Accuaracy 0.10% (8.30%)
      Critical +3% (8.30%)
      Fright (8.30%)
      Battlement Stone (8.30%)
      Genie Stone (8.30%)
      Raven Stone (8.30%)
      Deity Stone (10.00%)
      Divine Stone (15.00%)
     You need 2x HP Level 1 stones to make a HP Level 2 stone and 3 HP Level 2 to make a HP level 3 stone.
     Finlay you need 1x HP Level 3 for one Sin Stone.
     This packs are obtained after voting, questing and you also get 5 free when you log in after you patch.

 - The Seven Deadly Sins NPC Changes:
      50 Souls = 150 Purge stones
      50 Souls = 500 Hell Orbs
      1 Soul = 1 Gem Pack

 - Trivia rewards changed to: Coins/Level point/Gem pack or Event Token

Best Regards!