Christmas Patch

Sinless Perfect world is now under a tone of Ice and Snow:

- Christmas Event already stared on Sinless!
* End game rare materials
* Unique Title that grants you 250 on all stats. (The title is not timed, and it will be obtainable  only in this time of the year)
* Flyers
* Genies

- All players above 250 upon login will get one "Mistletoe", visit the Christmas tree to change it to a one time reward. You can choose between 250x Purge stones, 1000x Hell Orbs and 500x Haven Orbs.
- New snow man event.
- Daily Gifts.
- Level 700 Bosses now drop between 25 and 75 Purge stones.
- Fixed the crafting service for the EP Robe.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope this Christmas finds you all healthy and happy!

Manual Patch Links:
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