Update Version 24

All Lands have been wiped.
PVP rank was wiped.
Guid icons Updated.
Clearic receives an extra 500 Damage on the weapon and 20000 HP on the Robe(Robe can be exchanged at Balance forge and weapon needs to be re-roll for 500 Purge stones.
Added the end game blessing "ΦΦSinless Blessing" and can be crafted at Duke of Secrets : Demon

Opened Heaven's Tear and added the following bosses:
Mistwalker Black
Corupted Seeker
From now on this map will be world boss hunt map Rewards, Purge Stones, Heaven/Hell orbs.
[Note this bosses are currently in test mode and wont drop anything, the drops will be added later after testing without the need to update the client.]

Fixed the tomes crafting issue.
Modified the mobs in Secrete Passage, Cave of the Vicious and Den of Rabid wolves level 500 (to fix the low drop problem)

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