Halloween Update Version 22

Hey all,

After carefully reading your suggestions on discord, so far we implemented the following changes:

Revamped the website.
Made ΩSinless Aprentice Robe class restricted to SB and DB.
Fixed Fairy gfx bug.
Changed login screen.
Changed loading screens.

Removed the G17 fix chests from trash.
Made Heaven Orb Fragment tradeble (to help newbies). Note you must have none in inventory or it will get overwrite.
Removed the first 3 required upgrades for the end game tome, now you only need Emperor + 50000 Hell Orbs.

Made heavy end game gear give 8-8 str because all other sets have fixed stats except the attack levels (before it was 7-8) not that it matters to much LOL.
Roll call now awards 1x Attendance Sheet, 10 x Purge stones and 1x Loyalty Ticket.
For balancing Level cap has been upped to 350 and level 250 is now 100 Onix.
Increased level cap to 350.
Made level up from 150 to 250 cost only 100 onix.
Removed the max level requirement for caves now you can farm at any level.
Vote now awards 150 Onix instead of 100.
Removed the donation event permanently.
Divided the shop into 2 casts, vote and donations. (to avoid confusion)

Added new item "Level Point":
Sell this at any npc and you will get one level point on the website.
This item is luck based, it has 0.01% chance of not giving you the point.
Good luck.
The only way to level from 250 to 350.

Added Description to All Titles Book.
Added new general typs guide.
Added 1000x Chienkun Stone for 1000 Heaven Orb Fragment

New Halloween event that spawns every 1-3 hours (random) drops:
Purge Stones
Hell Orb
Heaven Orb
Sinless Event Token
Pumpkin Head - Genie
Heaven Orb Fragment
Event affects the whole main map.

Increased the chance for trivia to give items.
New item TW Gold sheets, you get it from participating at TW and you can buy a pack with it that awards nice amounts of this materials:
20x Loyalty Ticket
 1x PanGu's Madness Reward
10x VIP Tickets
Drops are random and the pack can be opened once a day.

New Titles awarded by gm events that gives 250 each stat.
Buffed Cleric a bit.
Blue Diamond Legend quest line reward has been doubled.

The Sinless Perfect World Team
PSPlease invite your friends to here and give them this voucher code : joinsinless2020, if they insert it under profile they will get 400 Onyxs (only for new accounts). As for Halloween beside the ingame events all players we have a voucher code that gives 300 Onyxs and 5 Level Points : halloween2020