Hello old players and hello and welcome new players!We just want to bring up to all of you, that we are striving to bring more players to this server and that this patch is all about giving a chance to new players and giving something to do to old players.This are the changes we did:- New promotion
My wishes for you, Great beginning for Jan, Peace for Feb, Happiness for March, Cool for April, Luck for May, Success for June, No Worries for July, Gifts for August, Love for September, Travel for October, Joy for Nov, Bliss for Dec. Have a Lucky and Wonderful Year! Please use happy_new_year_si
Sinless Perfect world is now under a tone of Ice and Snow:- Christmas Event already stared on Sinless!Drops: * End game rare materials* Unique Title that grants you 250 on all stats. (The title is not timed, and it will be obtainable  only in this time of the year)* Flyers* Genies- All players abov
All Lands have been wiped.PVP rank was wiped.Guid icons Updated.Clearic receives an extra 500 Damage on the weapon and 20000 HP on the Robe(Robe can be exchanged at Balance forge and weapon needs to be re-roll for 500 Purge stones.Added the end game blessing "ΦΦSinless Blessing" and can be crafted
Hey all, After carefully reading your suggestions on discord, so far we implemented the following changes:Revamped the website.Made ΩSinless Aprentice Robe class restricted to SB and DB.Fixed Fairy gfx bug.Changed login screen.Changed loading screens.Removed the G17 fix chests from trash.Made Heave
Hello! Bonjour! Willkommen! Ciao!Ohhh my goodness, we are so thrilled you decided to join the Sinless Perfect World  family! Hats off on making an excellent decision!You are now officially in the loop to hear all about our awesome server, new releases and maybe even a deal or two. If that's not exc
Thanks for checking this server out! Our goal is to make an enjoyable server with custom gear and grinding so that we can all have fun together.The server will open it's doors on 8th June 2020! Until then, if you like to support us with your votes, we promise we won't delete them. Besides that, we
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