Update #20
Hello, on this update we are making preparation for hing GM's in a safe environment and with the right rewards. If you would like to register as a gm, please check our discord news section.- Changed the rewards on the calendar, each day you will get 10x Golden Calendar Pack, you can open it by click
Update #19
Some of you told us you are bored and you have nothing to do at level 250 and we had to come up with somthing to get you active again, this patch is all about that:Added new 2 star charts, you can craft them at "Duke of Secrets : Demon" :The ultimate Star Chart, it can give up to 5 of the following
Update #17
Added Dragon Slayer PvP Charm (MP)You can now revert back ΩSinless Aprentice Robe (DB) and ΦΦSinless Robe (DB)Changed the requirements for ΦΦSinless Robe now SB can use it too.Doubled the damage on SB ΩΦSinless Ring, you have a free reforge at Balance forge, quest related for mold.Added new q
Server time Update
Hello, dear players.Today we decided to set the time zone to US Central, this way everybody has a chance to participate in in TW and other events. We also increased the HQ crystal live and we are planning to adjust it more if necessarily.Best Regards,The Sinless Perfect World Team
Update #16
Hi everyone, please note that we had a bug with purification for level 250 gear for that reason we did this patch. The bug was some of you got +20 Vitality for no reason, so please check your gear and reforge it at Duke of Secrets : Sage! We sent 500 Purge Stones for all players that are above level
Update #15
Changed the damage on Stormbringer rings it was hitting to hard. Please visit Balance Forge in west or Arrowhead Manor. Note 1:You have one week to change failure to do so next update will force you to change it and you will lose your engraves, etc.Note 2:Please note that the damage might be increas
Update #12
Version 11 Brings us even more of a balance. We revamped the G17 weapons to fully remove all buffs (Yes that means no more GoF or Purify)Also added to the G17 weapon is 500 more base attack as well as 80 more defense levels. Sadly with that comes the removal of the defense weapons.But with the added
Update #10
Hey all, hope you like this patch we really put a lot of work into it.Removed primal cyclone skills, as they didn't work to avoid confusion.Fixed the exp box to be usable at any level.Removed the homestead weapons(g17).Added custom g17 weapons without the op add-ons pwi added. You can craft them at
Update #8
Hello, PanGu to the rescue, I heard there was lag spikes last night so we brought new IP addresses and made them available for you in this patch and added faction signet in boutique.We will like to remind you that from now on we will do updates every week, so expect the next update on 22nd Jun 2020
Update #7
Hello, after working so hard on this update we finally pulled it of and here is what we did:Updated the faction icons.Fixed the bug of the Teleport Incense in Boutique where it was saying 100 but it was giving only one.Added free custom teleport stones to help you inside Cursed Labyrinth. (you get t
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